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Online Tuition

How does it work?

Online tuition allows the lesson to take place over the computer from your own home (using Skype we can see and talk to each other). I also use an interactive whiteboard which we can both see and write on allowing me to illustrate my explanations, draw diagrams, write equations and work through questions etc.


Some students are local and we may just use online lessons occasionally when travelling is not convenient. I've also taught many students who are further afield (or sometimes in a different country!) exclusively online.

What do I need?

You only need a computer/laptop/tablet and a reasonable broadband connection. Skype can be downloaded for free here.  The interactive whiteboard runs in your browser so no additional software is required. You can see and play with the whiteboard here.

How do I pay for online lessons?

I will provide you with my bank account details which will allow you to pay by electronic transfer (bacs).

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